the prettiest robot . net - The Babblefish Aquarium

The Babblefish Aquarium was (the website is no longer up) a web-based interactive art piece, itself created by accumulated interactions with viewers.

Transcription from the video:

Please Leave a Fish at the Beep, or, The Babblefish Aquarium, is a website at where users can call a phone number and record a message and a virtual fish is created from the pitches of their voice. The fish appear in the aquarium along with the first few digits of the caller's phone number. Pitch detection on the recordings is done in Pure Data, with higher pitches making fatter sections of the fish's body and lower pitches making narrower sections. The aquarium is viewable on any HTML5 compatible browser. Presented at the final show of the spring 2011 Interactive Art and Computational Design Class at Carnegie Mellon, the aquarium quickly filled with over 70 individual fish representing the whistles, songs, salutations, and other recordings made by the participants. Thank you for watching.

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